Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Race Expansion

We've already been dreaming up expansions to the game.  One obvious thing is to allow the players to select from a variety of races.

At this point, we believe that the core game will include 6 character cards, all human, two of each base class, one male and one female.

Later expansions will add races such as Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes (small forest-dwelling people about 2/3 the height of humans; not the guys with the pointy dunce caps, although gnomes may like to wear wide-brimmed pointy hats), and a couple of less widely known races, Reptilians and Feladrin (or Feladrine.)

Actually, the Feladrin are our own creation (or adaptation.)  They are a race of human-like creatures who have ears and a tail like a cat, and retractable claws.  Their preferred class is Ninja, or, less often, Thief.  Their name is based upon the word Feline, and is pronounced Fee-lad-rin.  In Japanese, they are called Neko.  They are not furry creatures like the Catfolk seen in many western RPG's.  The Samurai Catgirl pictured at the right was drawn by tickledpinky at deviantart, and is close to what I might imagine the Feladrin to be like.  We haven't done any art for our game yet, so we'll see.

We are discussing the idea that not every race in the expansions will be available in every class.  For example, the gnome is probably too small to be an effective warrior, and the dwarf is certainly too slow to be a Ninja or Thief, and may not have the mental aptitude necessary to be a Mage, although he might make a decent Paladin.

For the gnome, we're looking at this painting by Mike DuBois as a possible idea for general characteristics.  Essentially, something of about the stature of the Black Mage in classic Final Fantasy, with a preference for a similar style of hat, but not having an obscured face.

Elves and Dwarves will have their classic appearance.  (The tall kind of Elves, not the Santa Clause variety.  And, the stocky, red-headed style of Dwarf, not the ones from Snow White.)

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